How to Multi-task using iOS4 on the iPhone

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Since the iOS4 upgrade, Apple introduced the ability to multi-task. This excellent feature is great for switching between applications, playing games, copy and pasting or referencing contact information.

To multitask with iOS4 on the iPhone simply double-tap the home button when an app is open (see below screenshot). This will produce a pop menu at the bottom of the screen showing your 4 most recently used apps. Clicking on each icon will load the appropriate app.

How to multi task on the iPhone with iOS4

You can scroll through all open apps by scrolling (sliding/ swiping your finger) to the right or left of the screen.

To close an open application, simply press and hold on an icon. The icons will start to “dance” – similar to moving icons on your homescreen, and click on the “-” symbol that appears in the top left corner (see below screenshot). This will close the selected app.

Good lucking multi-tasking and moving around the iPhone quicker!!

how to multitask on iphone

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